Daxcon Builders was founded in 2005, since then we have been one of the leading construction companies in the industry. We are experts in design and construction of both commercial and residential premises. We pay maximum attention to client’s needs on thework and work towards executing those features with quality and hi-end construction techniques.

The client’s exact specification of the job, are delivered by our team of expert constructionengineers and Architects who have high industrial experience and work in close quarters with the clients to satisfy their needs.

We execute our entire project with clear planning and design that prevails the latest trends in the society taking your home or workplace to the next level of comfort. Our constructionservices are crafted with the latest trends and techniques which meet the client’s ever changing expectations and budget.

What We Do

Daxcon Builders is a diversified unit of the construction unit and is involved from planning to the execution of construction projects of individual houses to apartments and such other structures. Daxcon builders is one of the fastest growing industries in the sector, Backed by Fine experts, Daxcon Builder’s in-house structural designing team takes up turn-key projects right from the structural design stage right up to the erection of elements.

Daxcon Builders is a global team of creators which focuses on customizing global known-how to reality, creating new benchmark of excellence and delivering beyond expectations. This makes Daxcon Builders a truly world-class company.

Our Mission

To provide world-class infrastructure in the country.

To go beyond, but not to try aim at an impossible dream share the concept of a borderless global marketplace enabled by its convergence with other media.

To contribute towards economic growth by bringing international standards of living.

Create new employment opportunities across India.

To fulfil the Housing needs of the people by developing world-class residential projects across India.

Daxcon Builders intends to focus on various developing cities of India in alignment with the respective state government policies and rules for the development of real estate.